Member Dues

Pay Dues Online

Active Members Union Dues 2024 are $42.00

Active Retiree Union Dues 2024 are $8.00

Membership dues of $42.00 are required monthly.

Failure to pay any month’s dues within 60 days will result in suspension.  

Dues can be paid months in advance if preferred.   

Union membership dues are the responsibility of the member.   

They are NOT deducted from your paycheck.   

Local Union No. 894 members may remit due payments per the following options and methods:

  • In-Person – cash, check, money order or credit card

  • Online via this website – debit or credit card

  • By Mail – check or money order, please do not send cash  

  • 720 Wolf Ledges  Akron, Ohio 44311

  • 24/7 Drop Box – cash, check, or money order in an envelope with your name and last four of your social.

envelope cover