Ohio Laborers Benefits provides quality insurance and pension benefits for Union Laborers in Ohio.  To learn more details about the benefits offered, please visit


The Laborers’ District Council and Contractors’ Pension Fund of Ohio has provided retirement benefits for its members for over 50 years. A well-funded plan that has achieved a “Green Zone” certification every year. Approximately $12 million are paid out monthly to retired Laborers and beneficiaries.  Laborers can become eligible for a future pension benefit after working just five years.*


The Ohio Laborers’ District Council – Ohio Contractors’ Association Insurance Fund offers great benefits to eligible Laborers and their families: 

  • Medical (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield)

  • Prescription (Elixir/Rx Options)  

  • Vision (National Vision Administrators – NVA)  

  • Hearing Aids (Hear USA)  

  • Death and Dismemberment  

  • Short Term Disability  

  • Retiree insurance 

There is no cost to establish or maintain insurance eligibility as long as you work enough hours, regardless of the number of dependents you have.  As part of the Laborers wage package, your contractors are required to pay a set amount for every hour you work as a laborer.  Ohio Laborers become initially eligible for insurance after working 450 hours.*  Please visit  to see how continuing eligibility is calculated. *Certain restrictions apply, please consult the Plan’s Summary Plan Description for detail.